Safeguarding information

Cyber crime is a fact of life today. Companies combat data threats every day as criminals test and probe network defenses. Consumers, wary of identity theft, depend on businesses to safeguard their systems from cyber threats.

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At The Paul Revere Life Insurance Company, protecting the information customers entrust to us is one of our key responsibilities and top-of-mind for all of our employees.

Through our cyber security program, we constantly watch for threats to our systems and make real-time adjustments to our defenses to protect customer data and minimize service disruptions.


We take a multi-layered approach to data security based on international regulatory requirements and industry best practices (ISO 27001 & 27002). Through our depth-in-defense strategy, multiple layers of security are placed throughout our computing environment. This strategy limits access to sensitive systems and data, while simultaneously containing any failures or vulnerabilities that may be exploited.

Using technology wisely

Effective security starts with technology that helps us monitor our systems for cyber threats 24 hours a day, seven days a week. State-of-the-art security tools filter malicious email and web traffic, block unauthorized access to servers and workstations, and maintain a safe computing environment. In the unlikely event that issues do arise, we have a robust business resiliency program to ensure our data can be recovered and our company can continue operating.

The role of our employees

While we rely on technology to thwart many attacks, in many ways employees are our primary line of defense in our cyber security efforts. We educate our employees on how to avoid phishing and other cyber threats, send data securely and flag issues quickly.

Common threat = Shared solution

Cyber crime is not unique to The Paul Revere Life Insurance Company or our industry. That's why we engage with other businesses, the data intelligence community and industry organizations to share information about cyber threats. We also work with independent third-party security specialists to test and assess our capabilities. This outreach helps enhance the resiliency of our IT security program.