Life insurance

Most employees like to know their loved ones would be financially sound if something happened to them. While you strive to offer your employees a quality benefits package, sometimes it’s good to supplement what you're able to provide, especially when it comes to life insurance.

Our life insurance products enable your employees to tailor coverage to meet their individual needs. As your employees’ needs change over time, they can update their coverage – whether they’re getting married, having children or preparing for retirement.

Employees underestimate how much life insurance people need. 40% say most people should have 3 times their salary or less in coverage, versus the industry recommendation of 7 to 10 times salary.1

Our life insurance offers:

  • Flexibility and numerous options, including term, universal and whole life insurance, through group or individual policies. 
  • Spouse and dependent coverage.
  • Payroll-deducted premiums, so you can offer your employees peace of mind, at no additional cost to you.

Help your employees get the life insurance coverage they need to help protect what they’ve worked so hard to build. 

1. LIMRA, What Do Employees Know About Life Insurance? 2018.

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