Become a sales representative

Help America's workers get the financial protection they need

By building relationships with employers and HR professionals, you’ll be able to offer voluntary benefits that can help employees during challenging times. In addition to providing financial protection, you’ll help employees better understand all of their benefits with end-to-end enrollment support. It’s all part of our commitment to helping America’s workers when they need it most.

What do our sales representatives do?

As a sales professional with us, you can follow two paths:  a sales representative or a sales manager. You can join us as a sales representative and enjoy a great career in that role. Or you can consider progressing to a sales manager position as you gain experience.

Sales representatives:

  • Use our proven prospecting and sales systems to seek and obtain employer appointments.
  • Help employers design benefit and enrollment programs that fit the needs of their business and their employees.
  • Meet individually with employees to explain the benefits available to them and where they may need the added protection of our insurance products. Help them enroll in their selections.
  • Represent us effectively in the marketplace and provide the highest standards of customer focus and service.

The best in training and support

From your first day with us, you’ll have access to tools, training and support to help you succeed.

  • Jumpstart your efforts and find success with income-generating classroom instruction and joint Fieldwork activities.
  • Develop your skills through our training programs and real-time field experiences alongside seasoned professionals on your team and a dedicated regional instructor.
  • Participate in ongoing professional development through field classes, home office training and online, self-paced courses.

You determine your income

You can begin earning an income with us quickly and as you meet your goals and increase sales activity, you can count on it to grow. Over the span of a successful sales career, your earnings can increase exponentially through new customers, renewals, bonuses, contests and other incentives. On average, a fifth year sales rep with us earns well above six figures.

There’s no cap on your earning potential with us, it’s all up to you.

Build the career you've always wanted

With most careers, hours are set, income is capped and growth is fixed. With us, the only limits are the ones you set for yourself.