Insurance fraud

What it means to you

Insurance fraud is a problem across the United States, believed to be the second largest white-collar crime in the country. Often mistaken for a victimless crime, insurance fraud affects everyone by making insurance premiums more expensive. Unum Group aggressively pursues individuals who misrepresent the facts in an effort to receive, or continue to receive, a cash benefit.

How you can help detect fraud

Our experienced employees play a critical role in detecting cases of insurance fraud and information from citizens like you can be instrumental in helping us identify suspicious events surrounding a claim. If you have reason to suspect insurance fraud, we encourage you to report your knowledge or observations by contacting us directly.

Disability insurance fraud may involve misrepresentation of a disability or of pre-existing medical history, or it may involve a claimant having secondary employment while they collect disability payments. Life insurance fraud may involve an insured person who misrepresents their medical history. Or, life insurance fraud can involve more elaborate schemes by organized groups that create bogus insured identities or fraudulently use the viatical process.

If you suspect insurance fraud, help us reduce fraud and the related costs. Make us aware of your suspicions by calling our Fraud Hotline at 800-455-0392, 800-577-5456, or 800-817-6779. Additional information on insurance fraud can be found at