Anti-money laundering

Insurance agents, brokers, and enrollers are an integral part of the Unum Anti-Money Laundering (AML) program due to their close contact with customers. Agents, enrollers, and brokers are typically involved in direct contact with our customers. As a result, the agent, enroller, or broker will often be in a critical position of knowledge as to the source of investment assets, the nature of the clients, and the objectives for which the insurance products are being purchased.

Federal law requires each insurance company to integrate its sales teams into its anti-money laundering program. The insurance company also remains responsible for monitoring the operations of its AML Program, and the inclusion of its employees, and its agents. The training provided via the link below, will introduce you to the concepts and requirements of the Unum AML Program, as well as providing you a direct reference to the Unum AML Policy document.