Cost Savings Made Easy

Proven Solutions to Help Manage Benefit Costs

Every business has day-to-day challenges. And every business has bigger hurdles, like managing shrinking budgets. All employers are seeking ways to save on benefit costs these days -- and we're always seeking ways to help.

Our proven solutions can help you manage costs and even lead to solutions in other aspects of your business:

  • Voluntary benefits can be employee-paid, so you can include them in your core benefit offerings to:
    • Offer a full, competitive benefits package that attracts and retains quality employees.
    • Help employees manage the increasing out-of-pocket health care expenses, which will help you transition to more affordable medical plans.
  • Leverage flexible benefit plans to realize pre-tax and discounted tax savings for you and your employees by:
    • Helping reduce your payroll taxes.
    • Increasing your employees’ spendable income.
    • Helping ensure you comply with Section 125 provisions and regulations.
  • Manage benefit costs through wellness programs – if your employees take advantage of them. We can increase the ROI for your wellness program through our communication strategies. Don’t have a wellness program? We have simple ways to get started, such as a health and wellness discount card.
  • Help keep benefit costs down for you and your employees through dependent reviews, which can also help reduce your legal risk and non-compliance issues. We can make dependent reviews a part of our 1-to-1 benefits counseling sessions, so it's a seamless process.