Enrollment Solutions for Your Clients

Options to Choose the Best Fit

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all enrollment approach. We’ll work with you to help select the best enrollment approach for your clients.


Our proprietary enrollment system features a secure, user-friendly interface and is available to all accounts at no cost. It’s a complete enrollment solution that supports 1-to-1, group meeting, call center, co-browsing and self-enrollment methods. Harmony takes the hassle out of enrolling, communicating and administering employee benefit programs.

Paul Revere Connections

We offer integration with a wide range of industry benefits administration and human resource information systems via plug-in arrangements. Through these connections, we offer seamless enrollment of core and voluntary benefits through single user sign-on to a web-based ben admin system. We have strategic vendor partnerships with an ever-growing list of companies, and reduced Per-Employee Per-Month (PEPM) charges may be available for you and your clients.

Product Hosting

Available on a limited basis when Harmony and Paul Revere Connections are not a fit. Rates, compliance forms and other details needed to build our group products on a client's ben admin platform are provided to qualifying accounts.