Accident Insurance

There is no way to control the rising costs of health care. But there are ways to work around them. When you're planning your employee benefits package, don't settle for less. You can still help provide your employees the security they need and deserve by adding accident insurance.

Guaranteed renewable accident insurance from The Paul Revere Life Insurance Company provides lump-sum indemnity benefits for accidents. Employees can choose coverage for on- and off-the-job or off-the-job-only accidents. Employees have a choice of family coverage or stand-alone coverage for themselves, their spouse or dependent children. Features include the same benefits for employee, spouse and dependent children, worldwide coverage and portability.

Optional riders, such as disability income, are available at an additional cost for the employee or spouse. An advantage of the disability income rider is that it can cover a spouse who may not have disability coverage through an employer.

See a Paul Revere benefits counselor for more details.

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