Simple solutions for your budget challenges

We Can Help You Manage Benefit Costs

Balancing budget cuts, fewer resources and political requirements isn’t easy. You need solutions that provide value all the way around. We can provide benefit solutions that work for you — at no direct cost.

With our suite of proven cost-management solutions, we can help you navigate through today’s budget challenges:

  • Aid Employee Cost-Sharing – Lower health plan costs by increasing plan variables such as deductibles and co-pays – and still ensure employees have quality coverage. We can help offset the out-of-pocket expenses your employees may incur with our full portfolio of employee-paid voluntary benefits.
  • Boost Tax Savings – Our benefits communication and education services can help your employees better understand the benefits of a Section 125 plan, which increases plan participation and provides greater tax savings for you, the employer.
  • Decrease Enrollment Expenses  Reduce the costs associated with employee benefits enrollment, such as materials, manpower and even IT expenses, through our end-to-end enrollment services, delivered on an innovative electronic platform.
  • Promote Employee Wellness – We can help increase awareness and participation in your existing wellness plan by educating employees about their wellness options, which will yield a fuller return on your investment.
  • Confirm Eligible Dependents  Our dependent review services can help verify which dependents are actually eligible for your health care plan. By identifying and removing ineligible employee dependents from your benefits plan, you can uncover significant savings.

Many public sector organizations have saved 5-15 percent or more on their benefit costs by implementing these types of strategies.*

*“Containing Health Care Costs” study, Government Finance Officers’ Association, 2012.