Full-Scale Benefits Communication

We Educate Your Employees on Their Benefit Options

Considering changes with political requirements and the economy, the need to help your employees understand the benefits available to them is more important than ever. It’s key to helping retain employees and, more important, to helping them make the most of their benefits. But communication such as this takes time and money – which many employers can’t spare.

Our full benefits communication system educates and engages your employees in their benefits, so they can better understand and appreciate what you make available to them. And we provide it at no direct cost to you.

Throughout the benefits process, our system provides consistent communication with your employees through:

  • Customized communication materials, ranging from fliers and emails to Youville, our interactive benefits learning website.
  • Group meetings to help employees understand what to expect from their upcoming enrollment.
  • Informative, personal 1-to-1 benefits counseling sessions.
  • Post-enrollment surveys to measure employees’ satisfaction with their enrollment experience, which is shared with you.

During the 1-to-1 sessions, our highly trained benefit counselors meet individually with employees to:

  • Review their personal benefits situation and how their elections will affect their paycheck.
  • Update their personal and dependent information.
  • Educate them on the available benefits and help them make informed decisions.
  • Enroll them in their selections through our enrollment system.
We tailor our benefits communication system to fit your business needs. So you can have effective, customized, full-scale benefits communications without the expense or hassle.