The Training You Need to Succeed

Support to Help You Accomplish Your Business Goals

Our sales managers are empowered to build their own business. And they can rely on a strong support network to help them achieve their business goals.

Training Programs

The District Development Program (DDP) is a proven sales management training system that can help you gain success quickly. It allows you to begin earning an income while you build your sales team. You also have access to the support you need to help achieve your recruiting and development goals:

  • Assistance with training, recruiting efforts and results reporting
  • Help with training and joint field work
  • Aid with enrollment support, core enrollment management and account rework

Administrative Office Support

Just like the high standards we hold to serve our customers, we hold the same high standards to provide you with the support you need. Our administrative office is structured to provide quick, responsive service to our sales organization on all levels. Our dedicated service centers provide assistance in all aspects of your business, such as technical support, account management, sales contracting, underwriting and compensation. We're here as an extension of your team.