Create a Strong Service Strategy

Product Support Tools and Underwriting Offers

We have a variety of tools and resources brokers can utilize as components of their client service strategy, including:

  • QuickQuote – Combines multiple Paul Revere product quotes into a single quote sheet to provide an at-a-glance reference for you and your clients. This is a field-enabled tool your benefits representative can use to quote any plan design option and state variation, and the quote sheet can be easily integrated into proposals.
  • Broker Block Summary Shows products, in-force policies, premium and more for your Paul Revere block of business. This is a field-enabled tool your benefits representative can share to help support your rework strategy by helping identify gaps in client coverage and providing information to help inform conversations with your customers.
  • Underwriting offers – Available throughout the year to help simplify the process of adding voluntary benefits and make it easy as possible for employees to qualify for coverage.  

Your Paul Revere benefits representative can provide you with more information on any of these resources.