Rewarding Brokers for the Business They Trust to Us

Maximize Your Revenue with Paul Revere

With our compensation model, what you see is what you get – competitive, hard-coded net commissions. Paul Revere does not reduce your earnings through enrollment or other hidden fees that some carriers may charge.

In fact, we can manage the entire enrollment for you (while you stay in control, of course) and offer you and your clients a number of programs and services – that others might charge for – at no direct cost to you and your clients:

  • Consumer-driven Product Solutions
  • Cost Control Strategies
  • Wellness and Health Promotion Strategies
  • 1-to-1 Benefits Counseling
  • Communication & Education Tools
  • Benefits Administration Services

We also have a bonus program calculated on any combination of premium from new and existing accounts after minimum new account and new account net sales premium requirements are met.

Talk with your benefits representative for details about our compensation schedule, bonus program and your personal bonus potential.